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Replacement Treadmill Motor Parts – Motor Brushes, Drive Belt Spares

Repair a treadmill motor or replace it to get your treadmill back into tip top running condition all over again.

Treadmills Under £100 – Buy A Cheap Treadmill For Less Than £100

If money is tight you can still find an affordable treadmill under £100 if you look in the right places. This article looks at budget treadmills for less than £100 and points you in the right direction on where to find them. There’s even a motorised treadmill for under £150!

LCD TV Treadmills – Best Treadmill With Built In TV Screen Monitors

If you have used a treadmill at the gym you have probably used, or seen, gym machines with built in television screen monitors. TV treadmills are a somewhat newer idea which are yet to hit the market in a big way but are the ideal way to ward off the boredom which can creep in when doing repetitive exercises like those done on the average running machine. This article looks at some of the different types of TV treadmill out there right now and offers some suggestions one how you can bypass the whole idea and still get the same experience for less money.

Treadmill TV Stands – Rolling Portable TV Floor Stands On Wheels

You can buy a treadmill with a built in TV screen either in the console or mounted on a height adjustable bracket positioning the screen over the console. These are great, but if this is a feature you really want, it greatly limits the choice of treadmills you have and not only that, these treadmills are often very expensive because they are more typically found in the higher price bracket right now. You don’t have to buy a treadmill with a TV attachment when you are buying a treadmill for home use though. These are more suited to health clubs and home users have been positioning their treadmills in front of a TV for years without having to spend a fortune on a built in TV screen. If your treadmill can’t be put in front of your TV you do have inexpensive options however and a treadmill TV floor stand is one of the prefered options.

Life Fitness Treadmills Reviews

Life Fitness produces some highly rated commercial and light commercial treadmills as well as some slightly more affordable cardio machines for home users. Life Fitness are a manufacturer of premium quality treadmills which are featured in more professional and commercial gym locations worldwide than another other brand. They don’t come cheap but they are top quality machines precision manufactured from quality components to exceptional standards. Is a Life Fitness treadmill right for you? Read on…

How To Fight Treadmill Boredom – Make A Boring Workout Interesting

let’s face it, working out can be pretty dull unless you’ve got something to keep you entertained. Boredom is the number 1 reason people state for ceasing to visit the gym regularly and the treadmill, awesome as it is, is easily one of the least interesting gym machines unless you spice it up a little. Thankfully, treadmill boredom is easy to beat as the nice thing about the treadmill is its hands-free nature leaves it wide open for lots of entertainment possibilities. This article looks at some of the things you can do to make a boring treadmill workout more interesting and stay motivated to reach your fitness goals.

Treadmill Mats – Foam and Rubber Mats For Under Treadmill Floor Protection

A treadmill mat is something you really should strongly consider to go under your machine. Not only do they protect your flooring which is almost guaranteed to get damaged by regular use of one of these heavy, bulky machines, but they also help quieten noisy treadmill sounds for the benefits of all around you, and help protect the machine from damage caused by its own vibrations and the impact damage of your pounding footfoots by cushioning the impact. Treadmill mats can be rubber, vinyl or interlocking foam pads all of which will do the job to a great or lesser extent. The thicker the better but even a thin cheap mat which can be picked up for under £20 is better than nothing. This articles looks at the benefits of treadmill mats for underneath exercise and fitness machines and offers a few purchasing recommendations to help you find the best products at the lowest prices.

Proform Treadmill Reviews and Ratings

Proform are one of the leading sellers in the home treadmill market. They produce entry level to mid-priced treadmills in SpaceSaver fold away styles and fixed frame models for the home non-commercial market. Serious runners may like to look elsewhere, but Proform treadmills are a safe bet for indoor walking and jogging activities and their warranty options are excellent. Read more about this brand and find Proform treadmill reviews and ratings of specific models.

Treadmill Reading Racks and Book Holders – Magazine Shelf For Running Machines

A book or magazine rack attachment can help keep your workout interesting by providing just the kind of distraction you need when jogging along in one place. Let’s be honest, using a treadmill day in day out can get kind of boring without a distraction and that’s what this kind of usefull treadmill accessory can provide. Reading while running is one of the best ways to stay focused on your running machine workout without it becoming monotonous and dull, helping you stick to your workout plan and helping to guarantee you stick with it.

Manual Treadmills – Motorless Treadmill Running Machines Compared

A manual treadmill is a low cost running machine which rather than using a powerful motor to drive the belt at a specified speed, instead, requires the used to make the belt move through the power of their own legs. Motorless treadmills such as these are often offered at bargain price ranges compared to treadmills with motors, but are they actually any good? This article seeks to compare manual treadmills vs. motorised treadmills and tell you how you may be able to achieve a better bang for your buck elsewhere if money saving is your main reason for buying.

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